Join Sacco


The following is the procedure for registration as a member of Safepak Sacco Society.

  1. Get the introductory information from brochures , fellow members or from officials.
  2. Take application for registration form from the society’s secretary.
  3. Fill in the form appropriately getting assistance from officials when needed.
  4. The form is taken back to the secretary after filling, for recording and the secretary will verify and sign that all entries are correct and attachments are valid.
  5. Attach a passport size photo and a copy of national identity card or valid passport.
  6. Then the secretary will forward the form to the treasurer for signing after the applicant pays the entrance fee of Kshs. 500 non-refundable and a receipt is issued.
  7. The form is then signed by Vice- chairman and then the Chairman.
  8. Secretary fills the form to the personal file for each member and locked securely.
  9. Then the member is issued with the membership number.

After one month the member is issued with membership identification cards.