• These are the monthly deposits
  • A minimum of Kshs. 1000 per month
  • Refundable upon withdrawal of membership
  • They earn returns(interest) annually
  • They are the once considered when taking a loan


Direct deposit is done by members when the deduction through check-off system is not possible. This applies when repaying loan for monthly contribution or increasing one’s contribution or other payments.

Those not working in Safepak Company can use this method for all Sacco payments. These steps are:-

  1. Get the account details of Safepak Sacco Bank Account below.
  2. Take or send someone to deposit the money to the bank.
  3. Bring the bank slip to the treasurer for documentation and recording of transactions. You can make a copy of your own for reference.
  4. The treasurer will then stamp the copy and retain the bank slip in the file and issue a stamped receipt.

NB: No official is allowed to accept cash for Sacco transactions.